Install Theme


I had a look around the Duncan of Jordanstone Degree Show in Dundee last weekend and these were my main eight:

Amanda Lambert, Fine Art: Busy, well-composed large pieces with an excellent use of colour.

Karen Goode, Fine Art: Massive, weighty, fearless abstract landscapes full of…


This is my final video for my degree show. 


Degree show installation. 

Set up for degree show is nearly done. Sneak peek.

Little world close-up



My work stems from my interest in the life of social outcasts. I dreamed up my own interpretation of misunderstood characters and the world in which they inhabit. Working within the practices of sculpture, photography, textiles and film I have produced a collection of works which transport you into their curious community. 

Little world


Wax spikes with copper rings.

Photo from my degree show project /wʌɪld/

Photo from my degree show project /wʌɪld/